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Click here to read a copy of our latest newsletter - Spring Term 2017

Sponsored walk to Dawlish

Once again the staff undertook their annual sponsored walk to Dawlish. They raised a total of £451.

We've been very happy with our new Outside Activity Playhouse that was bought with some fundraising money along with play mats..

Beth's maternity leave tea party: July 2014

Beth had a good send off for her Maternity leave with a surprise tea party in the afternoon and had a book form the children with drawings and answers to questions such as : Is Beth having a baby boy or girl, What will Beth’s baby be called.

How does your garden grow?

During the spring we spent alot of time in the garden growing vegetables from seeds. We grew potatoes, broad beans, lettuce and tomatoes of which we grew red and ALSO black ones.(the early ones were back in May/June ). The children loved being involved in this project.


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